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Property Research

Globe Evolution team pride themselves on dealing only with professional real estate agents and local owners. Our Property Research Service is a great way to find what you are looking for, leaving with us all the running around, whether you are looking for a plot of land, a villa, a condominium or a townhouse. Our team provides real estate solutions, advising landowners, developers and investors in relation to all aspects of the Thai property market.

Our specialist team offers insights into current market trends and predictions for the future to help you make the right property decisions.

Globe Evolution will examine your requirements and match them against a database of agents, owners and developers who will in turn search their databases of properties and will send us all suitable properties they have that match your requirements. Some of these properties may have not even listed yet, they are new to the market. So instead of getting frustrated and disappointed with out-of-date websites, or finding a property that is no longer available, send us your requirements and in a you will soon start receiving properties that match what you are looking for.

Working closely with locals owners, our consulting team ensures that the advice provided fully reflects all of the key issues associated with the future ownership, marketing, and management of any development project.