before you buy

Due Diligence

If you decide to invest in real estate property in Thailand, a Due Diligence is an essential protection tool as it researches all the information about the property you are interested in buying that you can. The due diligence process begins before you sign a contract or make any payment. If you intend to purchase land, Globe Evolution will perform an initial examination of the title deed, which will trace the ownership of the land up to the present, followed by a visual inspection of the property, which can determine if the land is connected to a public road and if the boundaries of the land are clear. We also advise to determine the ownership of the parcels of land immediately around the one you are interested in and the relevant local zoning ordinances, especially if you intend to build a project on the land.

If you are buying a condominium unit in a building that is still being constructed, we will check if the developer has all of the required permits for the project in addition to ownership of the land, and if development is underway, we will inspect the physical status of the building. In addition, we can review local court records to determine whether the seller is previously or currently been involved in any court cases, if the seller may have been declared bankrupt their assets due to be liquidated, or whether it is the first time your developer is developing a project.

In some cases, our Due Diligence can raise minor concerns with the paperwork that can be corrected before purchase. In other cases, Due Diligence can save you from making a bad investment.