Our Company


Globe Evolution is a network of international specialist operating in Thailand. Our organization has access to lawyers, accountants, designers, architects, engineers and other specialists as needed. In addition to personnel, we can connect with different offices and companies around Thailand. Our core value is quality service and efficiency in our jobs. We respect and adhere to all Thai laws and the culture, and support non-profit organizations like www.thaihonesty.org

Chief Executive Officer

Stefano Gonella

Award-winner Interior designer and certified project manager, Stefano was born in Italy in 1978. He studied in Milano as a designer and his career has developed mainly in furniture design and show rooms. He has been in charge during his time in Italy in developing prototypes and the transformation of pieces of art in mass production, including managing from materials, human resources and large scale productions. After a second career in Italy and Switzerland as interior designer and project manager for housing systems, he set up his company in Krabi, Thailand, where the idea of bringing western quality projects to the area has grown into an organization that provides overseas investors with all the support needed for investments in Thailand.
Today, in addition to managing the organization in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly projects, Stefano is engaged in the study of economics and international relations.


Villa Chandini

A stunning Sea View on the east coast. Three storage with an internal lift and tailor made furniture. Globe Evolution took over the project from a previous different management and delivery the Villa in about 14 months. ( Administration, Legal, Construction, PM )


Lory & Norman

The best partner in Thailand
“We tank our lucky stars that you came into our lives and built our home!”


Private House in Moscow

Our Russian customer was so pleased with the management and construction of his Thai villa in Phuket that he gave us the management of a project in his home country. Together with an international architect and engineer we studied and managed the interior renovations of 800 square meters of his personal villa in Russia. The project also resulted in the construction of three new wooden houses.


Danny & Dusty

My wife and I can highly recommend Globe Evolution for renovations, landscaping and interior design and imported furniture. We acquired a “new” home in Krabi in 2010 but it unfortunately was not well designed or constructed and needed a lot of renovation and remodeling. The owner of Globe Evolution handled all the renovations including installing a complete new western-style kitchen and a redesigned and much improved master bathroom. Whatever we have needed regarding the home, whether for the interior or exterior, Globe Evolution has been able to provide. When we need anything they are the first people we call.


Thai PBS

This is an ongoing project of a public building. Globe Evolution together with Rimpai is committed to the Thai government to provide the best quality construction within budget and delivery time for this building which host the national TV channel.


Miss Yi Dai

I have been purchasing condominiums in Thailand since the last five year but being not living in Thailand I always had problem and different issue. Real estate agent and developer in Thailand are doing they own interest most of the time. On 2018 I have meet Stefano, at that time he look very trustable and know a lot about Thai law and market so I decided to purchase a property he recommend. Everything went smooth and I also got a best service ever as he take care every process of purchase. Today Stefano and his company represent for me and my family our best connection in Thailand!


Dutch Milk Factory

This project had a special delivery time request. With the expertise of Thai engineers and project management, we were able to delivery the project in a record time of 6 months. Today we are the main contractor for the development of several milk factories around Thailand.


Mr. Luca Turani



Rosso Caffe’

We do not have only big construction developments in our portfolio but have worked on local restaurants here in Krabi. We designed and decorated a restaurant for the local market and in accordance with the owners business plan.